dinsdag 25 november 2014

Hiding with Julie

Hopefully my father would not be very angry because I went along with my friend John instead of mowing the lawn. The grass would not run away, I could do this little job tomorrow just the same.

But this beautiful weather might be gone soon. Summer was almost over and this was a wonderful evening to do some nice things.

Most of my class of last year was grouped next to the school. We were all 12 years old and would go to different schools in one week and probably would lose sight of each other. So we were happy to see each other this evening. We stood together for some time, and didn’t know what kind of fun we should have. Nobody had taken a ball along, so this type of game was not possible. Most we disapproved of, because they were too childish for us. After some discussion we decided to play hide and seek.

We all ran away in different directions when the counting started. I ran towards a perfect place to hide, that I had discovered some weeks before. It was at the end of the little neighbourhood park; there was first a small lawn and then a few yards of bushes with prickly leaves. I had found a way to get in without being scratched. While I was bending some branches to get in, I heard Julie asking me softly if she could come along.

No problem for me! There were only two real nice girls in our group: Monique, whom everybody had a crush on, and Julie who was a bit wilder and more fun. So she followed me behind the bushes. We let the leaves bend back and I knew it would be very hard to be discovered, while we even had a little view on the scene because this part of the park was a bit higher.

Pretty soon the first victims were discovered and there was a lot of running going on. I noticed Julie acting a bit strangely under her skirt. She had her hand over there and was sort of wriggling. Whispering I asked what was the matter. She had to pee! This was not perfect planning; they were searching quite near us. But she could do this pretty silently I noticed. A familiar smell came to my nose. Somehow urine of girls smells different than boys. I knew, because we were not allowed to pull the chain at home, only after a big deliverance.

I saw the yellow stream going down! It would ruin our hide away. Very quickly I stretched out my right leg and made a little hole in the soil with my heel. I saw it stream in there and sink in. She was finished and wriggled again under her skirt; probably adjusting her panties.

We sat over there in perfect silence after that for some more time. We saw that we were the only ones that were not yet discovered. Everybody started to help searching for us. They continued for some time and then John yelled that it was enough. We won, they agreed.

We made our appearance with our hands in the air. We had our victory. Julie gave me a kiss on my cheek to thank me. I felt my face turning purple and stammered something. John was asking with a big smile what we were doing there together. We didn’t have to answer this because some parents were yelling that their children had to come home. It was almost dark and the street lights were switching on. We agreed that would all go home.

When I walked home with John, he asked me what we were doing there together.

“Hiding”, I said and tried to smile mysteriously. I looked at my right foot and saw some earth on my shoe where it had got wet. I thought I could still sense her smell.


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