donderdag 23 oktober 2014

A Date

The kiss Tina gave me when she left the party was very promising. And it was even better that she invited me to come to Utrecht, the city where she lived, the next weekend. She gave me her phone number so we could make a proper date.
She was the most interesting girl on the party, she told me she was a nurse in a children’s hospital.

So we had been talking about her experiences and about the city of Utrecht. Her kiss was as sweet as the cherry jenever she had been drinking.
So the next Friday I dialled the number. A young man answered and my heart sunk. But it wasn’t the wrong number, this was a student flat and they shared one telephone. I heard him yelling her name and here she really was!

She asked me to come at the end of the afternoon, she would get me from the train.
And so she did. I stepped out of the train and was ready for a nice kiss. Instead there was a hug.
Maybe to early for kissing?

She directed me to her favourite restaurant, a Chinese one. We were the only guests at that hour, but that didn’t stop her from talking a bit loud. It was all about someone called Andy and he was her fiancĂ©.
What on earth was I doing here? Why did she ask me to come to her?
It really puzzled me.

The stories about Andy and his wonderful family went on and on.
I suggested I was going back home after dinner, but she insisted that I would stay. She wanted to have a nice night in town and I could sleep at her place. She pleaded me to stay. I can’t say NO to women, so I did.
We went to a bar and the stories went on and on again. Andy was a straight A-student and a great guy and I would like him too. Brrr, I hated the guy already without ever having seen anything of him.

I normally don’t like discotheques, but this time I was very happy to get into one. The music was so loud that she couldn’t tell me more about this horrible creature.
We ended with a last drink in a bar and she looked tired and was silent.
Her apartment was not far from the bar. It was quite small, consisting of a sitting room combined with bedroom, a little kitchen and a bathroom.

She put a sleeping bag on the sofa and while I was in the bathroom for a pee she already was in her bed that was at the other end of this room.
“Goodnight!”, she said and within 5 minutes she was asleep according to the snoring sound I heard.

It took me some time to get to sleep, the sofa was not very comfortable.
I woke up by the sound of church bells, I hadn’t noticed there was a church at the backside of the flat. But it was loud enough to make me sit up straight. I must have looked a bit bewildered, Tina laughed. She wished me good morning and got out of bed. She was wearing a nightgown and took her clothes along to the bathroom.

Very soon she came back fully clothed. I got up too and splashed some water over my face to wake up a bit better. While I was dressing myself she went into the bathroom again. She left the door a bit open so I could she what she was doing. She was putting a few fingers in her throat and vomited.
After that she brushed her teeth and came back.

I asked her if she was okay. She shrugged and told me she always did this in the morning.
While I had a sandwich with cheese, she was eating a bowl of yoghurt. After that she brushed her teeth again. She asked me if I shouldn’t brush mine. I didn’t take my toothbrush along, so she offered me hers. I kindly refused.
On her bicycle she brought me back to the station. We hugged and I told her to give my kind regards to Andy.

While I walked into the station, I saw her riding away. She never looked back.

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