woensdag 20 juni 2018


On the cruise ship they tried to keep us busy while at sea and certainly succeeded: there was always a choice of things that could be done or attended by the passengers.
We are not big fans of it, but tried the (pub) quiz a few times. It was allowed to play in teams of up to six people. We were very happy by just playing together as a team.

One night a pimply man walked towards our table and asked if he could join us. We think of ourselves as not being difficult people, so we agreed, he took a chair and we asked his name so we could add to the answer form. "I'm Jeremy of the Liberal Club", he answered. We welcomed Jeremy and introduced ourselves.

When the quiz master started to ask the questions accompanied by pictures on the screen, his eyes looked like glued to that screen. Normally you discuss answers within the team, but our Jeremy seemed to be lost forever. We never got any reaction so we decided to ignore him and just went on with it, answering as good as we could, already hampered by me not being British and not being familiar with some things that are very common in the UK.

After 10 of the 30 questions Jeremy seemed to be asleep. We didn't disturb him and played on. After question number 28, he suddenly opened his eyes, stood up and walked away. We were a bit puzzled, but finished the quiz. The scores were counted and we made it to spot 3 or maybe even 2. In any case the prize, the bottle of wine was not ours.

A few days later we went to the theater on the ship to enjoy stand-up comedy. Two seats next to us were still available and suddenly Jeremy popped up. He asked politely if he could sit next to me. Again we agreed and he started a monologue about how he once was seated next to a woman and after some time she started moaning about her husband who was sitting there. He said he wanted to avoid this situation.

The comedian was - even for a non Brit like me - quite funny. I noticed that Jeremy was laughing at moments nobody else was hearing something to laugh about. My laughing stopped a bit. A penetrating smell of pee and onion sweat was bothering me more and more and it became hard for me to concentrate on the comedian. It was a relief that the show was over and I could get away from the awful odour.

The last evening of the tour we saw him again while watching and listening to a jazz combo. We almost crawled under our chairs, not in for another smelly experience. Jeremy walked on and he stopped in front of a table where two girls of a dancing group (that performed a day before) were sitting. He obviously asked if he could join them. They shook their heads and he stood a few minutes motionless in front of them. Finally he walked on.

We still don't know what the "Liberal Club" is.

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